STOP undermining each other’s success through these 5 toxic behaviours

A good couple is a team: it's not "my career" or "your career" but "our careers". Understanding each other's ambitions, supporting each other during setbacks, making important decisions together - these are cornerstones that make a couple successful. Unfortunately, when misunderstood the two-for-one approach can seriously undermine your or your partner's professional success. There is… Continue reading STOP undermining each other’s success through these 5 toxic behaviours


Don’t poison your relationship

Bribery is bad: it entices people to do something they normally wouldn't & conditions them to expect and demand gratuity where it isn't due. When I ask people whether they pay or receive bribes, their reaction ranges from surprise to indignation. Yet at least 2/3 resort to bribery as a matter of routine. I don't… Continue reading Don’t poison your relationship

DOING what you want is preventing you from ACHIEVING what you want

Why am I pointing out the obvious? Because it isn’t: this isn’t about watching TV or playing solitaire when you’ve got a report to write. This is about a property developer whose objective is to make a profit and who overspends on beautiful bathroom fittings. This is about a minor celebrity who wants to look… Continue reading DOING what you want is preventing you from ACHIEVING what you want

What career? (The new paradigm of corporate loyalty)

Corporations no longer hire staff to fill positions; they hire specific skills to deliver specific objectives. Employees no longer join corporate families: they trade their existing skills for money and more skills. What makes a candidate employable is not what position they previously held and for how long but rather what objectives they met and what results they delivered. The attractiveness of a job for the candidate is largely determined by whether it makes them more employable when they eventually leave it. Internal promotion remains a very attractive but no longer the most important prospect.

Are you sabotaging your relationship and your career?

Do you know these awesome professional couples? With a great relationship and successful careers? Are you one of them? If not, you can be! Many couples struggle to reconcile their desires to have successful careers and a meaningful, caring, stable and long-lasting relationship. Getting it right is not easy. And it may not be your… Continue reading Are you sabotaging your relationship and your career?