Why do I offer free strategy sessions?

Yesterday I read two articles – one by a seasoned coach, and another by a prominent marketing expert. The gist is this:

  • People don’t value anything that’s free.
  • They will assume I don’t value my time or have nothing better to do.
  • People are suspicious of free gifts and services and expect a “catch” so most won’t even take the offer.
  • And if they do, they will take advantage of [my] time: they will get what they want for free and never buy any services.

I suppose, these experts speak from experience but I can’t agree. I believe it’s a win-win. Here’s why:

  • I wouldn’t have chosen to become a coach if I didn’t want to help people.And I know I can: I’ve seen the transformation and the fantastic results people achieve with my help.
  • I want everyone to get the most value from their strategy sessions – so you can see what you can achieve.
  • It’s your decision whether you want coaching, and I am happy to help you make it, especially if you’ve never done this before.
  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme where each party seeks to rip the other off; it’s a collaborative process.
  • Each session is an opportunity for me to learn something: the better I understand the different problems people face, their challenges, concerns and agendas, the better I can serve all my clients.
  • A free session is an opportunity for me and the potential client – you – to decide whether we can, and want to work together, whether there’s a match: between what you need and what I offer, our communication styles, your motivation, your level of commitment to the transformation you seek.







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